Finding the Facts:

What Every Workplace Investigator Needs to Know, by Fran Sepler

Methods, Models, and Protocols That Work

In Finding the Facts: What Every Workplace Investigator Needs to Know, Fran Sepler provides organizations with a step-by-step guide to conducting effective and defensible employment investigations. This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive manual includes time-tested basics and advanced topics for both in-house and freelance investigators.Finding the Facts, by Fran Sepler

Learn how to:

  • Formulate policies and practices that anticipate complaints
  • Plan and “bulletproof” investigations
  • Establish a model for each of the five stages of an interview
  • Conduct credibility assessments
  • Investigate systemic discrimination
  • Develop insightful questions for a successful interview

Every human resource professional, attorney, and employee relations specialist needs to keep Finding the Facts handy and consult it often.

Fran A. Sepler is well-known globally as an expert in the field of workplace investigations. Since 1990, she has provided training, employee relations consulting, and investigative services to thousands of organizations, including businesses, governments, and nonprofits, from the Fortune 500 to the Ivy League and beyond.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1:  The Many Purposes of an Investigation
Chapter 2: The Competent Organization—Organizational Preparedness
Chapter 3: Conducting the Intake
Chapter 4: The Decision to Conduct an Investigation
Chapter 5: The Heart of an Investigation—Conducting the Investigative Interview
Chapter 6: Planning the Investigation
Chapter 7: Special Issues in Interviewing Witnesses
Chapter 8: Special Issues in Interviewing the Respondent
Chapter 9: Conducting the Credibility Assessment
Chapter 10: Gathering Evidence
Chapter 11: Taking Notes
Chapter 12: Generating an Investigative Report
Chapter 13: Conducting Investigations Into Systemic Issues and Hostile Environment
Chapter 14:  Practical, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Investigations
Chapter 15: The Dynamics of a Harassment Complaint
Appendix A: Intake Form
Appendix B: Notices Checklist
Appendix C: Three C Triage Overview